7: Zen aku ni ta wo netamu kokoro nashi - There should be no mind of envy or wrong doing.

The meaning is in that the people who pursue Ju no Shichigei, Hyoho and the Way of Heaven they will come across this problem. You, I or anyone else must over come this problem. This mind of enviousness. It is a real crisis in pursuit that somehow we must overcome. In order for us to run its way there are many hurdles and barriers to overcome.

There is no enviousness in right or wrong. This is the last of the hurdles.

There are two paths within the crisis. One is inside, the other is outside. We can divide them and pursue one at a time.

Crisis on the Outside: I can give an example of this from religion.



Right now I have faith in the Hongan Sect. However when I look at other people who are Buddhists or Christians and see that they are on a different path, they have a right to do so. They have a right to separate strong thoughts and opinions and work really hard for others.

I sometimes get jealous and feel lost. I often wonder about things such as they could be right on their path and I may be wrong. This gives me a sense of inferiority towards them. This is what is described as a crisis from the outside that also gives you a lack of confidence.

You also have doubts about your own religion or the way of pursuing its path. Ones listens to and studies Buddhism for a long time.

One thinks of the people within it as good friends or teachers. but in real life these people are the cause of many problems and don't do so well in life.


They don't actually practice what they preach. In fact some of the things they say and actually do are totally different. They are never settled in their home life. People around never seem to talk of good things. Although they have studied for a long time nothing seems to be forthcoming, nothing really changes.

So this is the way things happen and you doubt them, they make you depressed and you lose respect for them. This is the crisis!

Also one sees people who are not connected with religion doing well. making a success of life. I think to myself, "Are religions so important, are they needed? This is the crisis from the outside.

The Crisis Inside: When you receive irresponsible comments and unnecessary criticism or are misunderstood by others or are told something bad. You feel disturbed, upset and put yourself into crisis.

This kind of problem called Donran Taishi is expressed as, Gedo no Sozen Bosatsu no ho wo midasu.

It's a position where you are are envious of other peoples right attitude. The way outside means other religions (except for Buddhism) and morality.



Sozen to wa soto gawa kara mieru:

This means when I look at people I am disturbed by them and am envious.

Shomon no jiri wa daijihi hi wo fusegu: Shomon are Buddhists that keep to themselves. In their world not yet completed they are willing to listen to the lessons of the way. But their way of living and life is also not complete.

I have doubts about them and at a point would say the its is Buddhist who are ruining Buddhism.

Fusegu describes people that are irresponsible and that lack understanding and attack and criticise others by giving one bad advice. These are the ones that put you into the deepest crisis.




Daijihi describes people that are efficient and successful in life.

So these are four attributes of modern life in general. We have our doubts that happen to us from the outside. Then inside yourself you lose confidence and have a sense destruction through an inferiority complex. So this is how we can perhaps explain the mind.

So what Musashi says about this is, "There is no mind of envy, of right or wrong. the thing is that though you look at others right or wrong you mind should never be disturbed. Always pursue your own way concentrating on looking for the right attitude in others. When you do actually perceive right attitude it will reflect upon you. You should be able to confess to yourself that you bear no complex or have envy towards others."

Alternatively you will appreciate them as a person who teaches you the right way. Other peoples right thinking shows you how to confess, to come to terms with oneself. It shows you an appreciation of the right way in life.

This also applies to wrong. You will have no mind towards arrogance and enviousness. You will feel happiness and sadness towards others. At the same time the right and wrong will to teach you make a confession out of it. These are things I would wish to personally experience.

A violet flower shows as a violet flower. Cherry blossoms bloom as cherry blossoms. Violet has no jealousy of cherry blossom. A violet flower is good within itself. It will stand in its own ground, in a world of its own.

So this is the world that Musashi describes when he writes, "There is no mind of envy in right and wrong."



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