2: Mi ni tanoshimi o takamazu - Do not try to look for an easy life, because in this world there is no such thing.



Takumazu is the negative form of Takumu which means;

With deep thought try to find a good idea.

To search, try, create.

Enjoyment, make or find a hobby.

Find many techniques.

Not looking for enjoyable matters or things means, Do not look for an easy life. According to Buddha's Shiseitei (The four sacred things to give up with his awakening) are Kutei, Shutei, Mettei and Dotei.

Tei Which means to give up, give in or the clear and real meaning of matters and things. In other words it means to know the truth.

Kutei The true facts of life which are pain, anxiety, hardship and distress. Living as a human being with physical and irreverent desires Kutei always ensues. Buddha's says that there are two worlds in life. These are Ku and Raku.

Ku - Pain, anxiety, hardship etc.

Nippon Budokan Embu



Raku - Easiness, comfort, pleasure etc.

However in reality there is always Ku. Even if Raku seems to present at the moment, It will turn to Ku sooner or later. Raku is the beginning. The conclusion is Ku.

Musashi also says that if he could accept these Shiseitei he would not have to suffer from anxiety. Also he tells us to come out of the world of Enrin-yugi.

Enrin is the garden of life and death, woods of censurable desire. In other words it is Our life. Yugi is to play or the games of children. Children have no ambition to accepted by others. They simply play without hesitation. Children’s play is Ku, Muso and Mugan.



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