Ku is not to be caught up by restrictions.

Muso means not to play with square shoulders. Not to formalise everything

Mugan is not demanded any kind of reward.

These three things together are Yugi. To understand these things is an awakening to Musashi’s philosophy. To come out into the world not knowing anything and break out of the shell of irreverent desires. Then there is a world of Ku and Raku in which there is no necessity to have a Raku attitude.



3: Yorozu ni iko no kokoro nashi:

Never harbour prejudice or an attitude about everything.

In Yorozu (everything and all matters) hold central position. Do not take sides or harbour indifference towards others. Treat everyone fairly and equally. Toshin Shojo means to be fair and to treat everybody the same without intention. This is the spirit and the heart of Buddhism. If people see Bohisaattva (Bosatsu) some of them think of:

a. A villain with a deep grudge.

b. A parent with the deepest love.

c. Some one between a and b.



To treat these people with fairness and kindness, help and equality is within Toshin Shojo.

Iko no kokoro nashi also means Satto Jizai. Satto means ones homeland or motherland. The possibility effortless birth. A world that one can readily enter into. Except that it is very difficult to enter into a different kind of world. Schoolmasters have their world, students theirs. Their is an older peoples world and a younger one. If worlds atmosphere, surroundings and environment are different, it is difficult to understand and hard to enter them. Satto jizai is the possibility to enter into any kind of world. In Musashi’s Martial Precept he says, Not to stop the mind in one place but to keep moving. For example there is Kamae, also there is no Kamae.

He also says in the Great Martial Way , Control people at all times, places and occasions and treat them fairly and equally. In governing and controlling a country the same applies. Hold a central position and never take sides it does not mean putting two and two together or compromising. It means to distinguish the truth. To study the twenty-one phrases of Dokkodo is the central truth and not one-sided. This is Musashi’s passion of Iko no Kokoro nashi.



5: Mi o asaku omoi yo o fukaku omou

Consider your own superficiality and try to have profound thoughts of others.

Mi o asaku means to judge matters an take action using only ones own intellect. This is your superficiality. Ones own body is inhabited with un commendable passions. It is an embarrassment in only being able to see around ones own body. Because ones own life is superficial, one must discard Jiriki. What is Jiriki? It is simply ones own power, effort. Unfortunately the meaning of Jiriki is widely understood. Many people think that Jiriki is power and ability derived from their hard work. However this is not so in Buddhism. It is a delusion that most humans possess. A delusion of selfishness. These were the words used by the venerated priest Unran about 2000 years ago. The venerated priest Shinran also compounded this statement. There are four definitions in his writing Tanni-sho bun-i;

Satisfy your own mind - To believe in ones own body and mind is correct. Keep a positive attitude.

Rely on ones own body - Accept ones over confidence, appealing to ones own intellect and ideas.



Reflect on ones own bad mind - The typical self complex of reflecting on ones own mistakes, silly ideas and attitude is to give up ones own life. One gets deeply depressed and cannot find a any aim in living on.

Saying either good or bad things about others. - cold criticism and making comparisons between people.

Sticking labels on others putting blame on people and making adverse comments about others. In normal daily life respectable and intelligent people use discretion. However Buddhism differs. There must be Jiriki as explained above. Within Jiriki there is a deep positive attitude involved. It is correct in ones way of life to have an overconfidence in believing in ones ideas. In other words is a matter of intelligence. Disconnect this intelligence and one can think deeply, and come into a position to die a peaceful death. Keep tracing the true way of a human being by putting aside selfishness and greed. This is what Musashi meant by Mi o asaku omoi yo o fu kaku omou.




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