In discussing the internet situation with Soke we consider it best to try and keep a low profile on the internet . But of course I will continue to provide simple facts and information. Contrary to certain conversations we do actually discuss things. No one tells anyone what to do.

As to I asked permission from Soke a long time ago to put Hyoho Niten Ichiryu on the internet. It is with his full knowledge and acceptance that it exists. A lot of the photographs and of course the text were given me by Soke to put up and it clearly has his official copyright. has Soke's intellectual copyright and he asks people not to copyright his material, Not respecting his wishes? Legal action could occur

The Dosokai clearly serves it's purpose and we are making many contacts all over the world both in practice and communication.

Certain members of the Ryu here in Japan are members of the Nihon Kobudo Kyokai and Nihon Kobudo Shinkokai. Not all members as lengthy practice is required to be selected to demonstrate. The Kyokai is not an International Association although some of its members are from other countries. No foreign groups are listed with Nihon Kobudo Kyokai. It is a Japanese association. Being affiliated to a Japanese Ryu does not give membership or a link to the Nihon Kobudo Kyokai to foreign groups.

Our own present membership list nineteen practicing members ranked in seniority based on their age and length of practice. It lists the Soke, and three Menkyo. The rank of Shihan is none existant in the ryu. We also list a few people who no longer practice because of health or age. This list construction is a method used generally by Japanese people. There is no traditional method of going to Japan and "getting the secret information" so it they can be handed out at to adoring students in the West. The same system exist for members in Japan and other countries. But it goes without saying that daily intensive training in Japan produces results.

This is a Dosokai. The basic meaning of this is "Everyone is a student" This covers people being members of one single group of practicing in different countries. At this early beginning stage there are no plans to do otherwise in international organization. Any dojo that claims to be a member of the Niten Ichiryu on the internet that is not listed here is not a member of the Dosokai. We also have no Ha (Family line) connected with the Ryu. The ryu is not promulgated by family lineage. Due to recent developments and Internet claims Iwami Soke has asked me to state that he has no connection whatsoever with any group in Brazil



Other people are practicing in Greece, Spain, Belgium, Australia, Portugal, Germany



Turku Finland

Canada May 2005 - Representatives from five countries held in Guelph Canada. Focus of attention in this coumtry has now moved to Calgary.



France Kenkyukai October 2004 - Participants from eight countries.