Jisso Enman no Bokuto

On the omote side of the bokuto is written Jisso Enman meaning the complete appreciation and acceptance of Musashi's Hyoho as it is. This includes the human relationship factor. On receiving this artifact it is a duty to promulgate the ryu as it is with no adaptation.

On the ura is written, Kanryu Tsuki Obi Kanryu. This is taken from a Chinese book called Byakurakuten.

In the book is a poem with these words. The poem tells us of the spirit and state of mind we should acquire in entering a conflict.

Up to the 10th Generation the current Soke held this Bokuto and pertaining scrolls. Imai Soke himself decided that the Bokuto as a national artifact should be made available to been seen by the general public. He took it to Usa Jingu (Shrine) where it is now kept. The ryu is a living tradition handed down through the generations from teacher to student and not transmitted by items but still holds the scrolls.