10: Rembo no michi omoi yoru kokoro nashi - There is no mind of thinking about a love life

In Buddhism there are five different kinds of desires based on Shiki, Sho, Ko, Mi, Shoku. These are desire for money, lust, appetite, desire for fame, desire for sleep. One of these, romance is very hard to avoid.


According to Buddhism's Hachi Kai: At least for one day a week we really should train in Buddhism without all this romance between men and women.

Leave love affairs behind. Don't get close to other women except your own wife.



Don't look at the opposite sex in a sexual way.

So how can we overcome this?

According to Andre Maurois The Art of Living: He says, "What is the the real foundation of home life? It is a in a 'married couple', husband and wife. They are the centre of home life". At first they are connected with each other as a just as man and woman, but this relationship continues into married friendship as it is added to their relationship. So there is a real meaning to a marriage with life in it.

A husband and wife are a real couple. This was also the love of Eros. From these kinds of love there is a change to friendship.



There is the deepest connection in a man and a woman when it changes from affection to friendship that is the centre of home-life.
Therefore a husband understands about women through his wife. A wife understands about a men through her husband. There the deepest of human understanding has been made as is easily explainable. But this explains the process of public relationship to private relationship, also from affection to friendship.

So what is true love? It is not what is called the love between man and a woman. That kind of love is a desire.

True love is based upon respect, consideration, an understanding and strong fellowship. It's a situation of cally relatiing something a friendship or, just an ordinaronship.

When we have a bigger world (Nyorat) we realise that its about more than just personal relationships. When we have more than a personal relationship we realise the unselfishness of things and the love changes towards friendship, friends, fellowships. Based on this we can establish ourselves to the the world of true love. Musashi had cut himself off from what was a real romance. A thing he found very hard to do.

Using the expression of Andre Maurois, "Affection of the same blood", men's and women's relationships are more than family relationship.

It means that coming from personal to ordinary affection, from the affection of friendship we can realise great true love.

There is a mind of thinking of romance that sets us up for great love in world.



11: Mono goto ni suki konomu koto nashi - One should not have likes or dislike for things.

Lets say that there are so many things that you are able to like. On the other hand there are also dislikes. They are all up to you but there should be no confusion. Don't be confused by your own thoughts. Just leave tenacious feelings behind. Just leave intellectual thoughts, logical thoughts. forget the reality of things and don't be objectionable.

It means that we should go for the impartial world. Just look at things the way they are and accept them with appreciation.



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