Method of securing a Kaku Obi

“What kind of Obi to choose and how to wear it is very careful precise individual study. After this comes the determination of which is the most suitable method of Noto”. Iwata Norikazu - in Eishin Ryu of Tosa

A well or badly tied Obi can mean the difference between a bad or a clean draw with either sword. The following explanation is just one way, but a very effective one if wearing to real swords of a reasonable weight.

Starting at the front, double the end of the obi with the folded edge on the top side. Then start to fold the Obi around the body in an anticlockwise direction.
This is on the first wrap around. After this the double end is folded downward.
The folded down end is now trapped under the second fold.
Please note the loop hole. This will be used to tie the Obi.
The opposite end of the Obi. If this is too long, the excess is folded inside.
As you will see from the picture it is passed up and through the loop shown in the third and fourth pictures.
The whole affair is then pulled tight enough to allow the sword or swords to be thrust into the Obi.
This last end is then tucked down inside the last fold.
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