Below is the Lineage chart following the line of Oe Masamichi. Since this was published some years ago most of the people mentioned have passed away, some recognized. Not all of these people received Menkyo Kaiden. It also seems that some of the issued Menkyo Kaiden are "different".

My own experience of Menkyo Kaiden, of receiving and taking part in such ceremonies and being a party to what was discreet information has shown me that is a certificate given for unquestionable service to a Ryu. It does not always signify that "all" has been taught and handed down. Handing a ryu down is like a full cup poured into a new one. We must ensure that not drop is spilt. It should be quite evident to knowledgeable people looking at a master who has been taught everything. The Lord Hosokawa received a certificate from the Yagyu ryu signifying the total teachings on paper. It was "blank".