26, When performing Noto movement in Tatehiza and Iwaza the front foot must be pulled back carefully placing body weight upon it.

Addition : a, In both these techniques, Noto must be done with strong Zanshin, as the body is moving backwards.

b, Originally this foot pulling action used to be taken with Noto action. However lately I quite often see Noto started before the foot is pulled backwards. These two movements are to be done together.

27, When performing Hayanuki (non-stop quick draw), Noto should be done in one movement.

OE MASAMICHI 1852-1927


Addition : In Hayanuki Tatehiza forms in one movement as quickly and smoothly as possible.

28, When performing Nukiuchi (Seiza No 7), Mak-ko (Tatehiza No 7), Itoma-goi (standing Oku Iai No 11), bring the upper body erect with Furikaburi action (sword to be drawn first). At this moment the body weight is on the toes. When Kirioroshi is complete, the body moves forward slightly.

Addition : a, The knees should meet when the sword is drawn and comes above the head.

b, When swinging the sword to the overhead position put the body weight on the heels.

c, Taking Uchioroshi action, Both toes must be firmly placed, opening the knees at the same time.

d, Without this knee movement the body will incline forward.

29, The finishing position of Hayanuki (also normal Tatehiza) should be round about the same spot.

Addition : a, It is necessary to remember the starting position because action takes place in all directions.

b, If Ukenagashi technique is used at the end of a form, the body angle should be prepared and must finish facing Shomen when doing Chinugui. Normally Hayanami starts and finishes facing Shomen.

30, The object of Iaido is not only to cut or kill the opponent (enemy). Movements such as Nukitsuke, Kirioroshi, and Noto must all be done with power and spirit coming from the Tanden. Action should not be initiated until the Tanden is filled with spirit. It might sound effortless and uninvolved, but it is difficult to do correctly without deep feeling and understanding.

Our aim and ultimatum should be, A strong fighting spirit and, A Peaceful mind. Can you make any sense out this ?

Addition : To achieve perfect technical ability is an almost impossible task. Notwithstanding Iaido is not only drawing the sword. Mental preparation is one of the most outstanding points.

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